Hot Water Heat Pumps Auckland

Here at Auckland Hot Water, we are proud to help out local residents with all of their water heating
needs. Whether you’re after a hot water heat pump repair or installation in Auckland, or just want
advice on what type of hot water system to install, we can do it all.

We are the local go-to company for hot water heat pump installation. This option is a popular choice
with homeowners all over New Zealand because these systems efficiently convert energy to heat at
a low cost to you. They typically function by absorbing energy from the air outside, water bodies, or
the ground. This is one of the most efficient options that use electricity, as the electricity is not used
to create the heat, but just to move it.

This heat is then used to warm the water stored in an insulated hot water cylinder. It’s even possible
to heat large volumes of water, such as swimming pools and spas, from this consistently available
energy source. If you’re thinking of adding one of these energy-efficient systems into your home,
we can come and put it into place for you so that you can quickly start enjoying your new source of
hot water.

If you have been experiencing hot water heat pump problems, give us a call; we don’t only specialise
in installation but also repairs for heat pumps. If your hot water has mysteriously run out or you
think there is something wrong with the cylinder, let us know and we will come and inspect the unit
in your home and detect the issue. Then we’ll come up with a solution to repair it if we can. If it
turns out that the unit is unsalvageable, we can organise a hot water heat pump replacement for
you in no time.

We offer a range of the best hot water heat pump brands, so you can choose between multiple
options. We install brands, including Aquarian, Rheem, Econergy, Bosch, and Rinnai. Book in one of
our experienced hot water heat pump technicians today, and we’ll get you showering under flowing
hot water once again.